Product Offerings



Custom foot orthotics are medical devices that fit discreetly into your footwear to provide  added support, improve alignment, and relive discomfort by balancing out pressure distribution. They come in many different styles and material selection. Custom foot orthotics are individually designed for each patient and are made using the highest quality material.       

Custom foot orthotic aids in the treatment of specific foot and lower limb pathologies such as diabetes, arthritis, tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. Orthotics when prescribed appropriately can prevent and or lessen the need for surgical interventions. As eyeglasses and contact lenses help improve vision, foot orthotics support and focus feet function to increase mobility, enhance performance, and aid in pain relief.  



Appropriate footwear is an integral part of your treatment process. During your assessment, we will review your current shoes, and recommend appropriate footwear for your foot-type and new orthotics. ProStride offers many types of footwear into which an orthotic device may be placed. Modifications to footwear are also available at the discretion of the Pedorthist.     



Compression stockings aid in the relief of tired achy legs, swelling, varicose vein, and venous deficiency. They are available in different colors, styles, and mercury compression. There are numerous benefits of wearing these products during pregnancy, travel, and for specific conditions of the feet and lower limbs. Prolonged standing or sitting allows blood to accumulate in your lower legs, often causing soreness and possibly leading to edema. Compression stockings or socks improve circulation, decreasing swelling and tired achy legs. 



At ProStride we fit a wide variety of prefabricated over-the-counter braces for the treatment of upper and lower limb extremities.  

Upper-limb orthoses are medical devices applied externally to an upper-body segment in order to recover or improve function. Injuries that may be alleviated by the use of upper-limb orthoses include those suffering from neurological impairment such as a stroke, spinal cord injury or peripheral neuropathy. These include, but are not limited to wrist, hand, and arm orthoses.   

Whereas lower-limb orthoses are medical devices applied externally to a lower-body segment in order to recover or improve function by controlling motion, providing support, stabilizing gait, and decreasing discomfort. These include, but are not limited to knee, ankle, and foot orthoses.   



Over-the-counter inserts may be an option for you. These inserts are relatively inexpensive for minor issues such as arch pain. They are ideal for individuals with an average arch height who possess low grad foot pathologies and relatively good lower extremity biomechanics. We assess your bone structure alignment and fit you for the best possible OTC arch support that caters to your individual foot-type and diagnosis. We can easily modify OTC inserts in order to provide a more custom feel by offloading pressure in sensitive areas.